CC2530 + CC2590/CC2591/CC2592/RFX2401 routers

Nowadays, some manufacturers offer boards with additional power amplifiers for the radio signal. These boards may cover a rather large area than the regular CC2530. The standard router firmware does not work with these boards.

Example: EBYTE E18-MS1PA1-IPX

Therefore I’ve prepared particular versions:

The RFX2401 power amplifier has wiring identical to CC2590. Please, use the firmware for cc2530 + cc2590.

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  1. These boards require a power supply with stable high output current (500mA). Double check cheap Chinese power sources.
  2. Double check the distance between pins or pin pads. For example, EBYTE board has 1.27 mm between pins. It is very hard to solder.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 01:03 May 13, 2019
Jed anderson

Hello I got some of the  E18-MS1PA1-IPX
…I have some questions:

1.- to flash the firmware… I must use : pin1 ground, pin2 vcc, pin3 p.2.2, pin4 p.2.1 and p24 reset? (In some other tutorials they use a second vcc conection but this modules only have pin2 as vcc)

2.- do you know some breakout board for this modules?

Best regards

    Harvey Specter
    Posted at 04:02 May 13, 2019


    1. Yes, correct. I’ve only used these pins (pin1-pin4, pin24).
    2. No, I don’t know. I’ve soldered thin wires directly to the module.

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