Zigbee2MQTT 1.35 failed to start

The new version of Zigbee2MQTT (Z2M) adds new features and improvements, but occasionally, they can break compatibility with existing devices :).

If your PTVO-based devices do not work in the latest version (Z2M shows the “Unsupported” status for your device), it seems, you should update a custom converter for it.

Custom firmware for Gledopto GL-S007Z

It is Zigbee 5W GU10 Bulb with RGB+CCT LEDs. The lamp has a good design and characteristics, but it has only one small disadvantage. It does not save and restore the last state after power outage.

For example, it can light while you are on vacation for two weeks or wake-up you at midnight.

So, I’ve adjusted and tested the PTVO firmware to work on this and other bulbs based on the CC2530 chip.

Zigbee Switch Configurable Firmware (+Router)

This firmware allows you to create a Zigbee switch device with a flexible configuration of inputs and outputs. I’ve created a base firmware for CC2530, CC2530 + CC2590 , CC2530 + CC2591 and CC2530 + CC2592 chips. The attached configurator for Windows can write your device configuration to the selected base firmware. Then you can save the customized version to a separate HEX file and upload it to your device.

Inputs and outputs can work independently. So you may create a switch without a control button, or a simple button only.

The device with this firmware also works as a router.

Note: the firmware is designed for constantly powered devices.