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Zigbee Configurable Firmware v2.4

The firmware allows creating a device with a easily configurable functionality including inputs, outputs, ADC, pulse counter/generator, I2C, external sensors.

Features overview

I’ve placed all features on the separate page. It is too long.

What’s new?

  • The status LED indicator works now.
  • The firmware supports up to 8 GPIO inputs or outputs.

Zigbee Switch Configurable Firmware (+Router)

This firmware allows you to create a Zigbee switch device with a flexible configuration of inputs and outputs. I’ve created a base firmware for CC2530, CC2530 + CC2590 , CC2530 + CC2591 and CC2530 + CC2592 chips. The attached configurator for Windows can write your device configuration to the selected base firmware. Then you can save the customized version to a separate HEX file and upload it to your device.

Inputs and outputs can work independently. So you may create a switch without a control button, or a simple button only.

The device with this firmware also works as a router.

Note: the firmware is designed for constantly powered devices.

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