The firmware supports up to 8 external sensors of different types. Keep in mind that CC253x has limited performance. You cannot attach 8 sensors, 4 inputs, UART and get a good result. Some sensors cannot co-exist with each other.

You may add most external sensors on input or output pins. It does not matter. If a sensor has additional options like an address, I recommend adding it on an output pin. Otherwise, the firmware will use the default options for the added sensor.

Common Zigbee information for all external information:
Zigbee attributes:
ATTRID_IOV_BASIC_PRESENT_VALUE – the sensor value (single-precision float).
ATTRID_IOV_BASIC_DESCRIPTION – the value units (V – voltage, C – temperature, % – humidity, m – altitude, ppm – air quality, CO2, TVOC).
Zigbee commands: read

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