You may define up to 8 analog inputs in the configuration. You must connect analog inputs to pins P00 .. P07.

The firmware reads analog values when it sends a periodic report to a host. When the periodic report is disabled you should send the “read” request for the configured endpoint.

Analog input, accurate (max 1.15V) – the pin uses an internal reference voltage that is more precise than a source voltage.

Analog input, (max 3.3V) – less accurate, but it can measure higher voltage.

Source voltage – reports source power voltage. It can be used to monitor a battery level. You may assign this sensor to any unused pin.

Internal temperature – reports the temperature of the CC2530 chips. You may assign this sensor to any unused pin.

Zigbee attributes:
ATTRID_IOV_BASIC_PRESENT_VALUE – the sensor value (single precision float).
ATTRID_IOV_BASIC_DESCRIPTION – the value units (V – voltage, C – temperature).

Zigbee2MQTT commands

read – immediately reads the analog input value
Topic: z2m/[friedly_name]/get/[channel]
Channel: l1, l2, l3 … l8
Payload: 1
Returns: The channel state {“[channel]”: float_value}

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