This sensor outputs an analog signal from 0 to 5V. You cannot connect it directly to CC2530, CC2531, CC2652, or CC1352 because they measure up to 3.3V. Therefore you should use a resistive voltage divider.

Note: The firmware supposes that ACS758 is powered by 5V and used a voltage divider. If the sensor is unidirectional, you must calibrate the zero point (see the corresponding command below).

Type – the sensor type
Frequency and Voltage – parameters of power source where the sensor is attached.
Monitor output – If the firmware controls a power line using the selected GPIO output, it can automatically detect when power is off and start a calibration procedure. Also, the firmware reports zero at that moment.

Zigbee2MQTT commands

read - immediately reads the sensor's value.
Topic: zigbee2mqtt/[friedly_name]/get/[channel]
Channel: l1, l2, l3 … l16
Payload: 1
Returns: The counter value {"[channel]": float_value}
write - starts the calibration procedure for the sensor. The power like should be off (current is zero).
Topic: zigbee2mqtt/[friedly_name]/set
Payload: {"[channel]": 0}
Channel: l1, l2, l3 … l16

Harvey Specter
Posted at 14:25 June 16, 2022

Can i measure 24v dc correctly using this firmware?

    Harvey Specter
    Posted at 14:30 June 16, 2022

    No, you cannot measure voltage over 3.3V. In your case, you need a divider with two resistors.

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