This sensor measures environmental temperature, humidity and CO2 level. It I2C- compatible sensor where you should configure the SDA and SCL pins, and define the sensor I2C address (see an example below). Of course, you can any other pins in your setup.

If your device is configured for power saving, the sensor measures all values only once when the firmware sends a periodic report. Please note, that every measurement takes about 6 seconds.

Otherwise, the sensor measures all values periodically every 5 seconds, but the firmware sends measured values with periodic reports.


SCD40/41 configuration example
SCD40/41 configuration example

Additional parameters

Altitude – altitude over a sea level of your location for precise results.

Auto-calibration – the sensor will self-calibrate every several hours if you enabled this option.

Zigbee commands

You may send some sensor-specific commands to your higher-level system. You should write the necessary command single precision value to the “Analog input” cluster.

63000 – factory reset.
63001 – sensor restart (re-init).
63002 – start self testing. It takes about 10 seconds.
63900 – 64100 – set a temperature offset (64000 + offset value, so, the offset can be positive or negative). By default, the sensor has the temperature offset of 4°C. If you see that the sensor measures a wrong temperature value, you can change this offset.
65000 – 66100 – set the ambient pressure in kPa (65000 + pressure value). The maximum pressure value is 1100 kPa.

write - Zigbee write command.
Topic: zigbee2mqtt/[friedly_name]/set
Payload: {"[channel]": 63002}
Channel: l1, l2, l3 … l16

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