This E72 module by EBYTE has the CC2652P chip with a power amplifier inside. But, this module uses non-standard pins (P06 and P05) to control that PA as opposed to RF-STAR and CC2652P-LaunchPad (P28 and P29).

It is necessary to adjust PA pins in the firmware settings.

Why do you need to change these pins?

If you select wrong pins, the chip cannot use a power amplifier. It greatly decreases signal strength and LQI (link quality) compared to other modules.

E72 power amplifier pins
E72 power amplifier pins

Where to buy?

LAUNCHXL-CC1352P-2 (Texas Instruments, AliExpress). Reference design.
EBYTE E72-2G4M20S1E (CC2652P ZigBee, built-in antenna).
RF-star RF-BM-2652P2 (CC2652P, built-in or external antenna).