The MG90S servo motor is a popular choice among hobbyists and beginners in the field of robotics and electronics. It is a compact and lightweight motor that offers precise control over angular movement. The “MG” in its name stands for “metal gear,” indicating its durable construction.

The MG90S servo motor is known for its high torque output, which allows it to exert a considerable amount of force when rotating. This feature makes it suitable for various applications, including robotics, remote-controlled DIY devices.

MG90S servo motor

The motor should be controlled by a PWM output with the 100 Hz frequency. The closest frequency in the firmware is 120 Hz. So, the motor will be controlled in a narrowed signal range from 20 to 79 (the full range is 0-255). So, the full rotation angle of 180 degrees will be split into 59 steps.

MG90S VCC (red) – 5V
GND (brown) – GND
PWM signal (yellow) – CC2530 (e.g., pin P04).

PWM configuration for MG90S
PWM configuration for MG90S

In home automation systems like Z2M, it appears as a level control element with a track bar.

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