2021-01-14 Added ACS758. Control of PWM outputs with switch inputs. Status LED modes. Added a scale factor for ADC. Minor bugfixes.
2020-12-25 Christmas Edition :-). I’ve fixed a problem with the ‘trigger’. The old trigger cannot wait for more than 60 seconds. Now, the firmware firstly initializes GPIO outputs to minimize an interval of undefined state after power on.
2020-12-20 Fixed minor bugs (bistable relays). Added the pulse switch mode. Now the firmware immediately reports about a state when it gets a command from a bound device.
2020-12-07 Added reading of simple MODBUS RTU sensors. Fixed problem with connection losing in the router mode.
2020-11-09 Added a virtual group switch.
2020-10-29 Added firmware for end devices (without routing).
2020-10-18 Added support of Sensirion SPS30 (Particulate Matter Sensor), PZEM-004T (Energy Monitor Sensor), BH1750 (Ambient Light Sensor), INA219 (DC Voltage/Current Sensor), INA3221 (3-channel DC Voltage/Current Sensor).
2020-08-14 Fixed problem with unexpected behavior of the P14 pin when it is configured as a GPIO output.
2020-08-10 Added ACS712 sensor.
2020-07-10 Fixed problem with losing connection after power loss.
2020-06-26 Tested SI7021 & CCS811.
2020-06-24 Fixed problem with switch buttons linked to relays. Added the toggle mode for a switch input (works like Aqara).
2020-06-16 Improved hardware PWM (added frequency selection up to 32 kHz).
2020-05-26 Fixed interview problems in some configurations.
2020-05-21 Increased number of inputs to 8. Configurable TXEN and RXEN pins for the RFX2401 power amplifier. Ability to assign the DS18B20 sensor to an endpoint.
2020-05-03 Added the “Inverse” option for inputs and outputs. Added PWM.
2020-04-22 Fixed internal temperature measurement.
2020-04-20: Fixed problem with a pull-up/down mode. Added checks for pull-up/down settings in the configurator.
2020-04-19: Fixed problem with empty endpoints that may cause problems with joining. Fixed a bug with
2020-04-14: Fixed a problem with ADC