You should define the ON pin first. For example, output 7 – Bistable relay ON, and output 8 – Bistable relay OFF.
If you defined the “Bistable relay ON” pin only, the firmware will send ON and OFF pulses to one pin. It can be used in some gate control systems to open and close gates when a next signal reverses movement direction.

Bistable relay configuration

Zigbee: Look for commands and examples for GPIO outputs. The firmware accepts all commands on the “Bistable relay On” endpoint.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 11:58 February 23, 2021

Hi, i can’t understand how this bistable feature works: the name shouldn’t be “monostable”? I intended that this output has only one stable position and after impulse time has passed returns to the monostable position (ON or OFF). Isn’t it?
THen, it is possible to command this output by an input?
Can you add a configuration example?

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